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About the Author

Dr. John Hobbs is the nephew of A. G. Hobbs.  John’s father served as an elder along with two of his uncles.  John’s aunt is Lottie Beth Hobbs who has written several religious books.  John is a conservative Christian writer like his uncle A. G.  John believes that the Bible is the authoritative word of God (John 12:48; Rev. 20:12; Matt. 4:4; 1 Cor. 4:6).  Without apology John writes with a strong emphasis on Scripture.  He started preaching at the age of fourteen and has been preaching for the Churches of Christ ever since.  He is a diligent student of the Bible.  He has earned two Doctor of Ministry degrees (one in Church Growth and one in Theology), five Masters degrees (four are in religion and one is in education), and three diplomas from Bible correspondence schools.  Presently, including audit, he has 585 college hours of Bible related courses and is still taking Bible courses.  His wife calls him “the eternal student.”

All of John’s local works have been in Texas.  He has helped five churches grow.  Lakeview in Grand Prairie grew from 89 to 185 with 53 baptisms and a record high attendance of 277.  Cold Springs in Lancaster grew from 48 to 156 with 88 baptisms and a record high of 225.  Lawn grew from 41 to 86 with 6 baptisms and a record high of 122.  Ninth and Main in San Angelo grew from 65 to 100 with 22 baptisms and a record high of 137.  Cottonwood in Wylie grew from 59 to 114 with 15 baptisms and a record high of 188.  He now preaches for Sachse Church of Christ in Sachse, Texas.

John’s books are designed for class study.  At the end of each chapter there are thought and discussion questions so that the class can focus on the material presented.  The Word Was God deals with the nature, character, life, and teachings of Jesus.  This book gives an in-depth study of who was the real Jesus of Nazareth.  Patsy Thomas, a ladies class teacher from Sylacauga, Alabama wrote, “Thank you for allowing me the benefit of your extensive research and education.  Most of the ladies with whom I study have never had the Greek language explained so well as you do throughout this book.  I am still greatly impressed by your teaching/writing abilities as we study.  Each day I thank God for you and ask that He continue to bless you with success in all that you do.”  Tom Gaumer, a highly respected minister in the Churches of Christ, wrote, “Your recent book, The Word Was God, is an outstanding contribution to the understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus, our Savior.  It is obvious that your book is a culmination of many years of study and thought about Jesus.  I have eighteen volumes on Christ in my library, but I have nothing better, more organized and helpful than yours.”  Richard Raimondi from California wrote, “I am reading your book Searching for Biblical Truth and I must commend you on its thorough teaching.  The logical progression of thought backed by a plentiful supply of Scripture text is not to be found by anything that’s currently in print.  Truly a masterpiece.”  One person said, “Chapter nine is worth the price of the book.”  Betty Grant, a preacher’s wife from Abilene, Texas wrote about the book Seeking Spiritual Strength.  She said, “I really enjoyed your book and appreciate all the study and research you put into it.  It is rich!  As a Bible class study, it is good not only for adults, but it is very useful for high school and college Bible classes.”  Evelyn Tompkins, a preacher’s wife from Garland, Texas, wrote, “You are so blessed to be able to teach the Word like you do.  I know you have worked hard and I’m grateful for your sharing it with us.  I was especially impressed with chapter 6 ‘Sex–A Biblical View.’  We don’t have enough teaching on this.  I hope that books like this, especially this one, will be used in our Bible classes in the high school and college ages.”  Lynn Dudley, a member of the church in San Angelo, commented on the book Building Our Most Holy Faith.  She said, “I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for writing Building Our Most Holy Faith, which we studied in our Ladies Bible Class last year.  I believe we all enjoyed the depths into which you took us in this study.  I want you to know that in a very personal way this study helped me immeasurably.  Hope you continue to produce such helpful study guides of the Bible.”

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